Candidate Articles
How to hand in your notice
Needless to say, unless there are extenuating circumstances, it is always best to have another position lined up before handing in your notice. It’s a good idea to hand in y...
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How to achieve a better work-life balance
First, it is important to define exactly what constitutes work-life balance. Basically, it is the notion of dividing your time and energy between everyday work and all of the other...
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Conducting a career audit
Maybe it’s time for you to stand back for a few moments and evaluate exactly where you are at with your career. For example, what new skills have you learned? Are you where y...
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Asking for a pay rise
So you feel as though the time is right to ask your company for a pay rise? Before you set foot in the boss’s office, let’s take a look at some of the ‘do’s...
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