February Newsletter 2024

Feb 29, 2024

Has Spring sprung…?

Daffodils are amassing along our roadsides, it’s still just about bright when you finish work each evening and with a bit of luck we may have even seen the last of the frost; yes folks, it’s Spring! 

There’s lots to look forward to this month, St Patrick's day bank holiday (18th March), great sport, clocks going forward, International Women’s Day (8th March), some even have Good Friday (29th) off too with an early Easter! Energy costs are in freefall, and even the Executive is sitting in Northern Ireland. Truly this is a wonderful time.

But the big news in the world of accounting this month is the amalgamation of Chartered Accountants Ireland and CPA Ireland. Congratulations, this is a big move and seems to be a smart move too for all involved.  
Talking of voting, are you registered to vote on 8th March? You can check the register here
If all of that wasn’t enough, PeopleSource are delighted to announce we are sponsoring the CIMA annual dinner on Friday 26th April in Croke Park.


Business outlook…

Our eye was caught by the news that Ireland is third in the world (behind only UAE and Saudi Arabia) in internet adoption rates, with all three at 99%+. While UAE and Saudi Arabia also take the top slots in screen time, Ireland is further down the line in 16th position, which is no bad thing. On the flip side, we were also somewhat concerned to read recently that 25% of 6 year olds have their own smartphone – that can’t be a good thing, can it!?
Two excellent surveys from the good people at PWC are worth highlighting this month. Their CEO survey shows an upturn in confidence in the Irish economy from 33% to 50% although 1 in 5 also believe their businesses will not be viable in 10 years (without reinvention, which undoubtedly, most of them will do!). The CFO survey highlights that almost 80% are focussed on improving their cyber threat security, while 55% said that talent acquisition and retention remains a key challenge.


Gone surfin’…

This month’s clickbait for lunchtime, coffeetime (or anytime, for those WFH!)…
 - And if you are WFH - How has your life changed?
- See the Superbowl? – Did you know more people talk about The half-time adverts!
- Get some bracing sea air on one of Ireland's top 10 coastal walks
- Check out Good Housekeeping Guide’s(!!) suggestions for celebrating St Patrick's Day in America
- Check out 8 Irish made Easter eggs for all tastes and price-points



From landline telephones to smart watches and from disco admission fees to e-cigarettes, see how the Irish shopping basket has changed in 50 yrs, according to the latest CSO report.


Hot topic of the month…

This month we are staying close to home for our hot-topic to discuss an aspect of recruitment that many people don’t consider. We asked Rachel Tubridy about the number of candidates who get new roles which were not advertised anywhere. “This is quite a phenomenon, and although it is not a new one, it is one which most candidates overlook when considering how to advance their careers” - she responded.
When a recruiter has a great reputation in their field, a long track record, and a wide network, they have the ear of many senior HR and hiring managers. This means, if they come across a candidate who is interested in moving without having a particular role in mind, the recruiter can ‘pitch’ their CV to a number or potential employers. Rachel went on to say, “Although no guarantee of success, this approach often yields results with requests for interviews for positions that were perhaps only in the pipeline.”
So, the call to action is to get in touch with us. Let’s have a chat about where you are and what your plans are. It may be that there is a role out there for you as soon as the right employer hears about you!


Entertainment news…

The awards season rolls on, perhaps more of a juggernaut now for Oppenheimer and it’s stars Cillian Murphy and Robert Downey Jr who seem assured of the individual acting awards, The Holdovers’ Da’Vine Joy Randolph is odds on for the best supporting actress but it’s anybody’s guess who will walk away with the Oscar for best actress with Emily Stone picking up the Bafta for Poor Things while Lily Gladstone for the nod from the Screen Actor’s Guild.
In all the hoopla, wins, snubs, red carpet outfits etc., we were particularly struck by the appearance on Michael J Fox to give out the Bafta for Best Picture. Great to see the industry rising as one to support him, watch it here.
Ewen MacIntosh passed away in February and while that may not be a name well known to everyone, those of us of a certain age who were glued to The Office will remember him as ‘Big Keith’ – check out him and Ricky doing 'Big Keith's annual appraisal'. Hilarious, and a must-watch for anyone who works in an office!!
RTE continues to implode with fallout from the various ‘exit packages’ bringing their lack of transparency back into focus, and now the Chairperson falling on their sword. We loved this take on the story by Waterford Whispers.

Sports roundup…

Irish International goalkeeper puts in a huge shift as ‘Klopp’s Kids’ beat Chelsea to win the first of 4 possible trophies in Klopp’s last season (the Carabao Cup) while the Premiership develops into a serious 3-horse race with ‘Pool joined by Man City and Arsenal in what could be the most exciting season for years.
Will March be the year when Ireland do what no other team has ever done (ponder that for a moment) and win back-to-back Grand Slams!? We hope we haven’t jinxed it now!
A nod to the Scots who look a decent proposition (imagine Russell and Van Der Merwe in the Ireland team?) Also, how heartbreaking was it for the Italians, pipped by the post. De-vo!
A new name for Irish Sports fans to take on board is Daniel Wiffen, with two gold medals at the World Aquatic Championships, word in Swim Ireland is that there is a lot more to come from the distance swimmer!


Career change, the consultative process…

Picking up on our ‘hot topic’, we are encouraging our readers to get in touch and use the consultative process to tease out where your next opportunity may lie. Just because a plum job is not advertised anywhere does not mean that it is not out there. A combination of your skillset, our network and an open-minded employer could unlock that dream job! Or just maybe it’s right here… 


Contact Rachel Tubridy on 086 662 9674 or email for more information.


Competition time…

Each month we ask our readers to answer a question for a chance to win €100 One4all voucher.
Our question for the January newsletter was:
Have you attended a women’s sporting event in the last 12 months?
47% - Yes
53% - No

53% is better than the national average (60%) of people who have not attended a women’s sporting event in the last 12 months. Why not make it your summer resolution to attend at least one! Volley ball in August anyone? 

And the winner of our €100 voucher is – Caoimhin Rafferty – we’ll be in touch!
Our question for the February newsletter is:
Have you ever consulted with a recruiter without a specific job in mind?

The winner will be chosen at random and will receive a €100 One4All voucher. Enter here to be in with a chance to win.

If you would like regular updates follow our LinkedIn company page.

PeopleSource is a specialist finance & accounting recruitment firm.

If you would like regular updates follow our LinkedIn company page.
PeopleSource is a specialist finance & accounting recruitment firm based in Dublin.


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