Time management is a five-step process.

With all of the other things you do during the week, you may think you have precious little time to go about a proper job hunt.  This is where you need to be disciplined in your approach otherwise you become reactive or passive.  Looking for a job can be as all-consuming as a job itself.

Like your career, your time within an employment search process needs to be managed. Establishing a routine and keeping a weekly diary will be imperative to handling the stress of looking for a new position, not to mention ultimately saving time and effort.  Think of your search as your own personal “Business Development”.

The 5 steps
  1. Consider the time you realistically have available.

  2. Identify your essential tasks – everything from sleeping and eating, to working and family time.

  3. Block in high priority tasks and vital ‘house-keeping’ activities, such as commuting, groceries and course-work.

  4. Commit blocks of time to your job-search activities – meetings with your PeopleSource Consultant, researching, phone calls, writing, rehearsing, interviews, setting up job alerts and activating the LinkedIn 'open to work' feature.

  5. Devote yourself some ‘downtime’ whatever that may be – exercise, friends, reading, TV, shopping, etc. Remember, all work and no play…….

As a simple exercise, fill a week in your diary with the way in which you will spend your time in the upcoming week, setting aside time for your job search. Keep it focussed and realistic.

Remember to be flexible with your schedule as well. Allow for time to handle second interviews, career fairs and so on.



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