December 2023 Newsletter

Jan 03, 2024

Happy Twixmas…

Did you know these days between Christmas and New Year were being referred to as ‘Twixmas’? 

We at PeopleSource sincerely hope that all our readers and their families had a great Christmas.  It was a very busy year for us and welcome the break to spend time with family and recharge.  We hope you are all looking forward to 2024 with positivity and relish.


Business Outlook…

Here is a list of 50 Irish start up and scale up companies to watch in 2024.  These companies should counteract the unusually downbeat message from the IDA this year-end as the ‘tech wreck of 22/23’ meant that there were over 1,000 more people let go than hired at IDA-backed companies this year; the first time since 2009 to have a negative outcome.    
A potentially lucrative time for some though, as a rise in the Ryanair share price could trigger a €100m windfall for the CEO, Michael O'Leary.  It is hard for us here at PeopleSource, and we suspect for the majority of our readers, to begrudge such success to the man who has steered Ryanair through good times and bad.  It also means that Ireland is home to one of the world’s biggest airlines! We read with interest this interview he gave with The Observer recently. 
Forbes has issued their report on the World's Most Powerful Women. Far be it from us to suggest that including ‘Barbie’ in the list is an exercise in click-baiting, but you can decide for yourself by checking out their YouTube channel discussion around the list and the ‘justification’ for including a fictional character at around 10.40.


Christmas Scroll…

Some fun sites to peruse while you digest your turkey sambos and consider joining a gym!


Hot topic of the month…

This month’s ‘hot topic’ was prompted by an encouraging news story that popped up during the week in quite a low-key way. The Pope has formally approved the blessing of same-sex couples.  The church, as everyone knows, turns, much like an oil tanker, very slowly!  So, this move, whilst it can be deemed as not enough by many, is undoubtedly a major step forward in acceptance, recognition and equality.
How good are you, or your employer, in the Diversity & Inclusion space?  Do you view it as a base-line behaviour?  Something aspirational perhaps?  For large organisations, I think the best analysis I ever saw went like this – your customer base is diverse; if your staff, and especially your leadership team, is not diverse then you can never hope to understand them, empathise with them, and sell to them!  So, DE&I is not only the moral thing to do, but potentially a commercial differentiator. down, one to go

PeopleSource had a great afternoon with ACCA Ireland at the Christmas Lunch on December 15th , see some photos from the day - here
We are very much looking forward to the next big event with Chartered Accountants Ireland on January 19th – ACA Annual Dinner - don't forget to book your place.



Entertainment News…

We start with a jaw-dropping news item which is hard to categorise but we have opted for ‘entertainment’ – a dress of Princess Diana (not even one of her nicer ones!) has just been sold at auction for $1.15m. 
Another little story that is perhaps ill-placed under entertainment is the death of Kerry Woman Maureen Flavin aged 100.  Maureen became an integral part of world history on her 21st birthday when her weather forecast from Blacksod, Mayo forced the postponement of the D-Day landings until June 6th.  A fact retold in so many war movies over the years (hence, entertainment) and covered in this interesting article.
A sad glance back at 2023 reveals the large number of well-known faces who died during the year.  Three Irish giants leap out, all singers, and all sadly missed – Christy Dignam, Shane McGowan and Sinead O’Connor – RIP.

Don't forget to tune into Virgin radio  and Q102 from 2nd January at 10am - you never know who you might hear!


Sports Roundup…

Great news for GAA fans with the announcement from JP McManus that he has given each of the 32 County GAA Boards €1m each.  Whilst admiring the generosity and recognition of the importance of GAA in Ireland, we were taken by this typically Irish reaction to the news.
Two football stories caught the eye in recent days which makes us wonder if the sport is about to implode.  The first is the potential ‘green light’ for the European Super League and the other, more bizarre news has come from Turkey.  One week a manager has come on the pitch and decked a referee while the following week a club president has come down from the stands to take his team off the pitch in ‘protest’ at a referee’s decision – and both of these incidents were in the Turkish top flight!!  You couldn’t make this stuff up.
Finishing on two managerial bright spots, big cheers go out to Andy Farrell for signing on with the Rugby Squad for another three years; even bigger cheers for Eileen Gleeson who has deservedly taken the reins as Ireland's Women's Soccer Head Coach.



New job, it’s not just for Christmas…

We’ll say nothing at this festive, restful time of the year about job-hunting. But for those who may happen to be looking, or know someone who is, our door is always open. To arrange a meeting or to have an initial chat here are our contact details:
M: 086 662 9674



Competition time… (bonus prize for Christmas!!)
Each month we ask our readers to answer a question for a chance to win €100 One4all voucher.
Our question for the November newsletter was:
The State pension age is currently 66 with the aim to increase this to 68 by 2028.  Should the State pension age be:
a) 68 – 8%
b) Lower than 68 – 92%
An overwhelming result.  92% believe the State pension age should be lower than 68. The current life expectancy for Ireland, according to the OECD is 82.81 years, giving, on average, over 14 years post-retirement. What are you going to do with that precious time? 
And the winner of our seasonally enhanced €200 voucher is – Barry Lalor – we’ll be in touch!

Our question for the December newsletter is:
As we all head back to work in January, cases of Covid are creeping up. Vaccines are free and available. Are you going to avail of the latest Covid vaccine? 
a) Yes
b) No 

The winner will be chosen at random and will receive a €100 One4All voucher. Enter here to be in with a chance to win.

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