Interview Series - Aoife Ryan

Jun 30, 2021

I completed a B.Comm degree in UCD before qualifying as a chartered accountant with JPA Brenson Lawlor. Realizing that a career in auditing was not the path I wanted to follow, I took the opportunity to travel across Australia, New Zealand and South America before looking for a role in industry on my return. I have since worked various roles within Finance in different companies across various industries. In January 2020 I started my current role as Finance Manager with Linesight.  

  1. Tell us a little bit about your current company in three sentences or less 

Linesight provides professional consultancy services, management support and strategic advice to the global construction industry. There are 22 offices, 750+ staff and 25 nationalities globally. I am based in their Dublin office.   

  1. What is the toughest decision you have had to make in your career to date? 

I would say that my toughest decisions in the past have always been whether it is the right time in my career to leave my existing role and look for a new opportunity. I have been fortunate enough to work for great companies in my career to date, and more importantly to have worked alongside great colleagues so it’s always tough to make the decision to leave that behind and take a step into the unknown from a career perspective. Fortunately I have not regretted any past decisions and luckily remain close to many of my former colleagues.  

  1. What the best piece of career advice you have been given (or would give)? Something about the benefits of an internationally based role and the joys of living in Jamaica!   

Never be afraid to bet on yourself especially early on in your career. That is the best time to move around and explore whatever opportunities come your way. This piece of advice is something I feel has really shaped my career and has encouraged me to work for various companies across different industries. I feel that this experience has really stood to me as a finance professional. 

  1. If you could step into the shoes of any business person today, who would it be and why? Or who do you admire most and why? 

My Dad, I will always admire anyone who takes on the challenge of starting their own business.  In this current climate especially, I think it takes immense self belief and a lot of hard work. 

  1. Tell us something people might not know about you 

I really love visiting new countries. Unfortunately travelling for extended periods of time is not really an option for me these past few years so I always try to visit a new country when I get the chance to take some holidays. Where possible I like to avoid visiting a country twice as there is so much still to see. 

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