Our Christmas Wish List

Nov 26, 2020

Our Christmas Wish List

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is rolling around already. We know, we say this every year. This year, though, it seems to be particularly true. The days have been rolling by with a feeling of stagnation. There is nothing new to break the monotony. Hopefully, Christmas will be that break for many of us. This got us thinking about what’s on our Christmas wish list this year. So, here’s our letter to Santa:

  1. A vaccine against Covid (just a few weeks ago this seemed very unlikely. Now, the possibility seems tantalisingly close)
  2. Families together (we know this won’t be possible for everyone, but we hope that some people will be able to spend Christmas with their families if it’s safe to do so. Let’s all make an effort to check in on those who can’t make it home)
  3. Pubs open (yes, there won’t be any 12 Pubs of Christmas this year. But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to enjoy a pint with some close friends over Christmas?)
  4. Locally sourced Christmas presents (shop local is even more important than ever this year, even if you have to do it online!)
  5. Good health (we hope that all our families and friends stay healthy and sane over the Christmas period.

Who’d have thought that a vaccine would be top of our Christmas list this time last year!? Whatever happens this Christmas, it seems like there is a glimmer of hope for 2021.


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