October 2023 Newsletter

Oct 27, 2023

Goodbye Rugby World Cup, hello…cosy nights, warm fires and brisk walks!

It’s pretty early in October and already we’ve had our fair share of ‘weather warnings’ from our friends in Met Eireann.  Has climate change changed our weather patterns forever?

Another war, what is happening in the world? It’s not good.  We’ll be rooting for early peace talks and diplomatic interventions, but there seems to be a long road ahead with many obstacles.

How did the budget treat you?  There seemed to be something in there for everyone but housing remains the major challenge which has knock-on effects for so many workers who struggle with high rents and high cost of entry onto the property ladder.  Fenero have produced a useful guide in infographic format to the budget for individuals.


Business outlook…

Hot off the presses is the news of the proposed acquisition of McCabes Pharmacy by Lloyds Pharmacy, creating a group with over 110 outlets and almost 2,500 staff (subject to competition authority approval) making it the biggest pharmacy groups in Ireland.  A huge leap from Roy McCabe’s first pharmacy in Malahide in 1981!  Explore the deal here
Out of the chip-pan and into the car?  This story about switching from diesel to hydrogenated vegetable oil caught our eye, not least because it comes from Certa, a DCC company.  Certa is certainly making serious investments in this area and we’ll be checking if our old diesel bangers can make the switch as easily as they say.  Check out HVO for yourself.
We debated putting this story about RTE's customer experience rating in the business or the entertainment section!  In truth though, it has all the entertainment value of a car crash on the other side of the motorway.  Read this cautionary tale of how a company can go from hero-to-zero in the blink of an eye!  The Web Summit is another cautionary tale on how quickly the worm can turn. 



PeopleSource is delighted to be sponsoring two very big events in the coming months, we really hope you will be attending and if you are, do come and say hello!
December 15th – ACCA Christmas Lunch -  - feel free to show your support by liking this post sent out by ACCA.   Spreading the word can only be a good thing!  

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Gone surfin’…this month’s lunchtime scrolling:

- Guinness Storehouse the number 1 Tourist Attraction in Europe
- Top 10 magical Hotels to Spend Christmas
- Warm treats and one-pot wonders – check out these winter warmers
- How many of the Irish Bucket List 25 things have you already done?
- How things have changed for Ireland – great CSO stats on The EU at 50



EBITDA Vs Cashflow – because profit is not cash!  Of course, our lovely readers know that but this month’s link leads us to another wonderful cheat-sheet by previously-featured Oana Labes. connect to her on LinkedIn, we love her cheat-sheets!


Hot topic of the month…

Is being an influencer a career choice? The internet is full of people who believe the world desperately needs to hear their voice, where the pursuit of ‘likes’, followers and subscribers is their Nirvana. However, while many scoff at the wannabes and keyboard warriors, a distinct breed of influencer has emerged. People who have steadily built a substantial following offering expertise or opinion, usually in a niche topic, but sometimes in a broader capacity as a commentator.
Here is the grey area between opinion and marketing, news, and communications. Many companies now recognise the value of influencers and will not launch a new product without their backing. And now, one Irish University (as reported by the BBC) has just launched the first ever Degree in Social Media Influencing. September ’24 will see the first intake of students in Southeast TU, Carlow. Interesting times, would you encourage your kids to enrol?

Entertainment news…

Here at PeopleSource, we wouldn’t describe ourselves as art critics, but we know what we like; and we like the pop-art culture so closely associated with Andy Warhol.  So we shall be getting ourselves to the Hugh Lane Gallery for their Andy Warhol exhibition Three-Time-Out Exhibition.
In the Cinemas this month, who would have thought Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ would beat Martin Scorsese's ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ in cinema receipts over the weekend? However, we’ll still be grabbing our tickets to check out DiCaprio and DeNiro in the Apple-backed release. Almost 3.5 hours long, that’s a Saturday night taken care of.


Competition time…

yep, we switched things around this month and moved this section up the page a bit. Don't worry, read on for Sports & New Jobs! 
Each month we ask our readers to answer a question for a chance to win €100 One4all voucher. 

Our question in the September newsletter was:
With the US Senate relaxing dress codes and our own politicians representing us globally in some questionable outfits, do you think companies should still have a dress code?

The results were:
A: Yes - 73%
B: No - 27%

We were very happy and slightly surprised the Yes vote was so high. Having worked in offices for over 20 yrs, we've seen some sights on 'dress down' days and heard some horror stories with candidates attending interviews! 

And the winner of our voucher is – Cara Collins – we’ll be in touch!

Our question for the October newsletter is:

In light of two recent news stories (Paddy Cosgrave/Web Summit and Courtney Carey/Wix), do you think airing your private views in public should jeopardise your career?

A: Yes
B: No

The winner will be chosen at random and will receive €100 One4All voucher. Enter here to be in with a chance to win. Keep an eye out for next months question, the prize money will be doubled in time for Christmas shopping! 

Sports roundup…

Ryder Cup Sunday brought us those few nerve-wracking hours where it just seemed possible that Team USA could drag themselves back into it, but rapid back-to-back contributions from Tommy Fleetwood and our own Shane Lowry quickly decided things in Europe’s favour. It was quite the showpiece but the absence of away wins is becoming something of a suspense killer.

Rugby took centre stage during October and is growing in popularity, certainly as a spectator sport. Ireland couldn’t have done more and although they once again came away at the Quarter Final stage, they left heads held high after a bruising campaign against both of the eventual finalists. The end of an era with key retirements already announced, huge congrats to Jonny Sexton in particular for a glittering career in which he took many knocks in the national cause.  

As Verstappen cruised to yet another win in The US, it’s a reflection on the lack of competitiveness in F1 that the biggest story was the depth of the floor in Hamilton’s Mercedes (which got him disqualified).

Ireland’s Euro campaign petered out tamely against Greece and a big question mark now hangs over Kenny’s future. The Premiership is taking on a more interesting look now with City and Liverpool dropping points and Spurs atop the table, let’s hope it remains open and competitive until next May.
We’ll sign off sports news with the sad news of the passing of genuine sporting great, Bobby Charlton. Rather than point you towards one of the many tributes, we thought we’d let you listen to the great man himself select his Squad of All-Time Footballing Greats.


New job, could you help a friend?

At any given time, most people are perfectly happy with their job. However, we know from experience that our readers are often in a position to help others secure a move, or get a new job following graduation, relocation or redundancy. People like to help others, and with that in mind, check out our exciting open roles below. If you think you know someone who could be perfect for one of these opportunities, please encourage them to get in touch.


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Say it with flowers, we miss you…this one is for our overseas candidates

Last month we offered to send flowers to someone you miss here in Ireland, we didn't get one response to take up the offer, so we are offering it once more...

We hope you are having a fabulous time wherever you are in the world, be it Canada, Scotland, England, Australia, Dubai or beyond. No doubt you have family and loved ones here in Ireland who miss you and would love to hear from you. We are giving you an opportunity to send them a fabulous bunch of flowers (on us obvs). All you have to do is nominate that person.  The winner will be contacted as ultimately we will need an address to send the flowers to! Nominate your person here

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