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May 30, 2022 - Newsletter - May 2022

Hello June, Be Awesome!

Months of the year with 31 days are just too long, even if it has a bank holiday. Roll on 30 day June, the start of BBQ’s, the beach, G&Ts, cider, craft beers (although they are any time of the year) and picnics (and whatever you’re having yourself), but first let’s enjoy that Leaving Cert weather and the June Bank Holiday. I can’t wait! But for now, grab a coffee and take five mins to relax and enjoy our latest news!

In the news…
What a mad month May has been, the invasion on Ukraine continues but while Russia has achieved some gains they become more isolated than ever, with Finland and Sweden rushing to join NATO it is difficult to see what the end game is for Putin. As Covid recedes (hopefully) into the memory we now have Monkeypox heading our way, Monkeypox!!?? You couldn’t make this stuff up!.
North of the border SF become the biggest party following elections for Stormont. Still no Assembly formed as the DUP dig their heels in over the EU Protocol. If you haven’t watched Derry Girls, give it a go, it hints at how important the Good Friday Agreement is and how it needs to be protected.
Let’s not even get into what’s happening in the US. Gun control (or lack thereof) and Roe v Wade at risk.  Really? 
Recent and current global issues have resulted in an economic conundrum where we have a big jump in the cost of living, rising inflation and at the same time a record number of job vacancies and candidate shortages in a number of sectors. The hospitality sector is really suffering from staff shortages.  Controversially a spokesperson for sector was on the radio recently asking why there are so many people claiming unemployment benefits when there is work available. The counter argument was why they don’t provide benefits and only offer zero-hour contracts.
A health brain drain?

The majority of people in Ireland believe that our health professionals (and yes, even our Government) did a great job in guiding us through Covid. However, doing so was not without its pressures with constant scrutiny from the public, the media and a variety of interest groups (both pro and anti-vaccine etc). With both Doctors Holohan and McGlynn announcing their departure from Public Health we need to be cautious that we are not creating a brain drain in this vital area.
And let’s hope for an end to the rhetoric soon over the National Maternity Hospital, what is needed is a modern, efficient, functioning maternity hospital offering leading edge services to mothers and babies, not pedantic and largely irrelevant arguments. Can you guess which side we are on?!
Sport – mad May continues!
Has anyone got any fingernails left following the end of the Premiership? It is always great in any sport to see a season go down to the wire, and in the case of Man City the last 15 minutes.
At home the race for Sam and Liam is hotting up. In the SFC provincial finals Derry are sweeping all before them up North and they take on Donegal while Limerick are emerging as a threat in both codes and take on Kerry, Dublin is beginning to find some form after a disastrous league campaign and play Kildare for the Leinster title while out west it’s Roscommon V Galway. The hurling has thrown up some interesting results with Cork demolishing Tipp and Dublin missing out on points-scored after a defeat to Wexford.  Limerick will put up a strong defence of their title but it seems Clare are emerging as a very strong contender and their upcoming Munster final should tell us a lot.
Courtesy of the Netflix documentary ‘Drive to Survive’, Formula 1 has a host of new fans (including yours truly, our sports contributor!) With Mercedes having their car trouble this season all the headlines centre around LeClerc and Verstappen while Lewis Hamilton can only look on from a few cars back.
European rugby has boiled down to Leinster V O’Gara as far as Ireland is concerned with Leinster looking unstoppable but O’Gara has turned La Rochelle in real contenders so let’s hope for a cracking game (and the right result!). Fans will be excited to note that next year’s final has been awarded to the Aviva.
Let’s finish with the two faces of boxing. The sport is tarnished a bit with rows over the high-performance coaching programme. However, if you haven’t heard of Amy Broadhurst and Lisa O’Rourke then hang your head in shame sports fan; both have just returned from the world championships with gold medals becoming only the 4th and 5th boxers to do so (after Katie Taylor, Kellie Harrington and Michael Conlon).  Our boxers are becoming world beaters.
In entertainment news……
It was hardly a surprise when Ukraine romped home in the Eurovision but it was interesting to see the UK win the jury vote after so many years in the bottom two or three, maybe there’s hope for Ireland yet; mind you, we need to figure out the secret of getting out of our semi-final first!  As ever, the whole competition was as mad as a box of frogs. I wonder what the odds are of Ukraine being able to host next year?
Are you a Jesse Buckley fan yet? This Irish woman is fast becoming our leading lady. Check her out now on Netflix in Taboo with Tom Hardy and the Lost Daughter with Olivia Colman with whom she is teaming up again to shoot a new movie, Wicked Little Letters. She was brilliant in Wild Rose playing a Scottish country singer and as she started in amateur musical societies she can really belt out a tune.
Derry Girls (again) made all the May headlines with their brilliant series finale (plus bonus episode) mixing humour, tragedy and pathos to great effect. It’s already been spoken of in the same terms as Father Ted and let’s hope they can enjoy that kind of immortality.
For podcast and sport lovers there is a brilliant seven-part series called Tiger Roll – The People’s Horse which is incredibly engaging and will have the hairs standing on the back of your neck, even if you’re not particularly into horse racing. As a change of pace try Vogue Williams and Joanne McNally who bring us My Therapist Ghosted Me (title based on a true incident) with tons of banter, advice and showbiz gossip.
Why have one candidate, when two will do?
We mentioned already the shortage of candidates in many sectors but we recently posted a role that would normally be considered tricky-to-fill and were stunned by the response rate from quality candidates. The secret? The role was part-time. We had a fantastic mix of skill levels, from people spending too much on childcare to an accountant who is now studying medicine and is looking for about 16 hrs a week.     
There is huge untapped potential out there of people looking for flexible work solutions, could a little imagination on the part of employers yield a huge talent dividend? We think so, and we’ve even produced a blog on the subject which you can read HERE.

Moving overseas or moving home?
Two fabulous ex PeopleSource consultants have moved to Dubai and Canada, if you need a contact in these locations look no further, both should be able to offer advice & guidance on the job market in these locations. Conversely, if you are currently overseas and planning a move home contact:
And finally...
As ever, we have a wide range of roles at PeopleSource but if you can’t find what you are looking for, give us a call.  We have strong relationships with clients who are happy to hear about good candidates but may not advertise a role.

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