Maybe it’s time for you to stand back for a few moments and evaluate exactly where you are at with your career. For example, what new skills have you learned? Are you where you want to be at this stage in your working life? What future progression do you see?

Answering questions like these can put a spotlight on your current position and enable you to compare your situation with others who are at the same stage in their careers. In so doing, you can critically examine your performance while considering the possibilities of acquiring a promotion or salary raise, as well as the longevity of your current career course.

Specifically, you should consider your short, medium and long term professional and personal goals. What does career success look like to you? Are you more focused on financials or do job satisfaction and overall quality of life take precedence? Do you feel that your career choices to date reflect your ‘real’ talents?

So much of our lives are spent in work that it is crucial you consider these aspects on a regular basis – perhaps as much as once every year. While some of us may feel trapped by circumstance, such as a lack of qualification or an outside situation that dictates our job prospects, we can still strive to find a role, company and industry that is most fulfilling from a personal perspective.

Think about your achievements to date and how these might be used to move you in a positive direction towards your ‘dream’ job. Work on developing your network in that particular area, especially if you can find a contact who is willing to mentor you. Use your CV to define the relevant skills, competencies and unique selling points that can be used to promote and brand yourself as an asset to any prospective employer.

Your career choices are your responsibility. Reflecting on where you stand with regard to your ideal situation is critical to your ultimate success. Determine what your instincts are telling you and make plans to move into that realm of possibility. Taking small steps in the right direction now can lead to major changes for the better.

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