November 2023 Newsletter

Nov 30, 2023

Only 25 more sleeps…

Was that the quickest November ever? Did you watch the Late Late Toy Show? How are the kids’ Christmas lists coming along? Hard to believe it’s only 25 more sleeps…
What was looking to be a quiet enough news month (apart from devastating wars around the world) November sprung into life with the disgraceful riots around Parnell Sq in Dublin last week (what has looting Foot Locker to do with social or crime issues?). Our hearts go out to the poor children and adults who were just picking their kids up from school. Well done to all those who participated in de-escalating the situation, they are the citizens we are lucky to have. Also it was lovely to see Emily Hand reunited with her family.  
Debates about working-from-home Vs back-to-the-office were brought into the media by the very high-profile failure of WeWork. This month also saw the passing of a business legend with news of the death of Ben Dunne. And did you know Ryanair had the third-highest passengers in 2022 after American Airlines & Delta, that’s some achievement! Although they seem to be missing a Head of Social just now!


Business outlook...

Competing with the collapse of WeWork (and indeed the implosion at RTE) and possibly a clear winner, is the out, in-again saga of Sam Altman at OpenAI. This story, we believe, will feature on business courses for years to come as to how Boards and Execs should function.
Back to RTE briefly where a significant new policy was announced, dictating that nobody can earn more than the DG – we wonder if this is the ‘fully loaded’ amount. Remember is not all about the base, it’s about the full remuneration package – base, pension, bonus, health insurance, LTIP, share options. Remuneration doesn’t take into account annual leave, flexibility and most importantly job satisfaction!

The Credit Union Consumer Sentiment Survey issued in November finds that 50% of people will have less to spend this Christmas than last year. Younger people are slightly more bullish than older consumers. However, relative to other flashpoints in the world, these are, we feel, first world problems for the vast majority of people in Ireland who will continue to enjoy a happy, peaceful and calorie-filled Christmas.


Christmas scrolling…


We really liked this infograph of Ireland's football managers performances over the years. If infographics are your thing, this is a great site -


Hot topic of the month…

Regular readers will know that networking is a topic close to our hearts here at PeopleSource. We’re going to cheat a little and instead of expounding on this ‘hot topic’ we are going to highlight two major events in the work/ social calendar that you should really be getting along to, to advance & renew your social and business contacts. As a small aside, PeopleSource is proud sponsors of both events. I hope to see many of our readers at one or other gig! Do come and say hello!

December 15th – ACCA Christmas Lunch - feel free to show your support by liking this post sent out by ACCA. 
Spreading the word can only be a good thing!  

January 19th – ACA Annual Dinner -  feel free to show your support by liking this post sent out by ACA. Spreading the word can only be a good thing!

Entertainment news…

Will you be taking you and yours along to a pantomime this season? Oh yes you will! (sorry, we couldn’t resist it!). It’s as traditional as turkey, pudding and bad presents, so here’s a list of Pantomimes around Ireland for you to get along to. Don’t forget to look at your local community group, many of whom stage brilliant productions.
Perhaps not quite entertainment, but we wanted to feature the roundup of this year’s new entries into the Collins Dictionary for 2023. Somewhat disappointed to note that this year’s ‘winner’ isn’t a word at all – AI, perhaps unsurprisingly is top dog but we think it’s a bit of a cheat. We here at PeopleSource much preferred nepobaby, debanking, and our favourite greedflation (think energy companies during the cost-of-living crisis).

Not a whole lot happening in the cinemas right now so we’ll give a nod to Movies coming to Netflix and Movies Leaving Netflix in December. Are you watching “I’m a celebrity…”? No? Their figures seem to be down this year, now at 6 million, which is still a big number! Have we come to the end of an era?

Sports roundup…

We’re going to kick off our salutes this month to those thousands of runners who once again ran, jogged, walked and limped their way around the Dublin Marathon, we doff our caps to your resilience!
Poor old Stephen Kenny’s reign as Ireland soccer manager ended with a whimper; rather than indulge in armchair analysis or point you to a pundit or journo, we thought we’d take a slightly different perspective and see what Waterford Whispers has to say about his departure.
Let’s finish on the biggest story of the month and celebrate the victory of multi-world-title holder, Katie Taylor in the 3Arena on Saturday. Whatever your views on boxing in general, and women’s boxing in particular, you have to admire her total dedication to her sport; roll on Croke Park for the biggest night of her career.


New job, it’s not just for Christmas…

Traditionally, PeopleSource receives more general enquiries regarding the jobs market at this time of year than any other.  People tend to take stock coming to the end of the year, consider their future and review their options. However, as we caution in our heading, switching jobs is a life-changing decision. We’re here, ready to talk you through your options if you’d like to get in touch. We would also always recommending avoiding the January rush and speak with a recruitment consultant this side of Christmas. Contact



Competition time… (bonus prize for Christmas!!)

Each month we ask our readers to answer a question for a chance to win €100 One4all voucher. This month however, we are upping the prize to €200 so our winner can treat themselves or a loved one this Christmas.
Our questions for the October newsletter was...

In light of two recent news stories (Paddy Cosgrave/Web Summit and Courtney Carey/Wix), do you think airing your private views in public should jeopardise your career?
The results were;
A: Yes – 50%
B: No – 50%

Somewhat surprising results we felt. A 50/50 result seems to bring no winners or losers, just discourse, not always a good thing we feel.

And the winner of our voucher is – Jackie Queally – we’ll be in touch to arrange your €100 voucher!

Our question for the November newsletter is:

The State pension age is currently 66 with the aim to increase this to 68 by 2028.
Should the State pension age be:

A) 68
B) lower than 68

The winner will be chosen at random and will receive a €200 One4All voucher. Enter here to be in with a chance to win.

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