Love Match

Aug 13, 2021
If only you could ‘swipe right’ for you career!!
The parallels between looking for your ideal partner and your ideal job are remarkable – here’s a few:
The search for both has largely moved on-line
Initial excitement can quickly evaporate
Both parties tend to give a flattering portrait of themselves
The ‘interview’ process can be interminable
Both a relationship and a job can frequently end in tears
Nothing beats finding ‘the right one’ in either case
Here at PeopleSource we posted a role recently (an exciting senior finance role, needless to say!) which was viewed 2,000 times resulting in 239 applications or about 12% of people who ‘swiped right’!  Ah, but how many do we consider a potential life partner?  Only about 20% of applicants were based in Ireland and while long distance relationships can work, we all know it’s a lot more difficult.
We narrow down our search and start the ‘dating’ process only to discover that some of the people we like best are driven by money alone, or have commitment issues, we’ve all been there.
So, we’ll leave you to sort out your own love lives, but whether you’re a candidate or employer, in the career business we see ourselves as a hybrid, part Tinder and part matchmaker, using technology and algorithms but also face-to-face and personal recommendations; a place where knowing both parties in depth can help unite partners who were ‘meant to be’.
The value of a great network, knowing candidates and employers is still an important part of the recruitment process, especially at a senior level. Technology is an enabler and nobody has yet developed an algorithm to replace a great personal relationship.
We’ve got your career covered, or we know where your next great candidate is – who you spend your life with is your decision!
For your next move or hire contact Rachel Tubridy at or phone 086 662 9674. is a finance & accounting recruitment firm.

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