Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Jun 25, 2020

There have been a number of studies on the topic of nonverbal communication with varying results. However, most experts agree that c 70%+ of all communication is nonverbal. So, what is it?

Non-verbal communication includes gestures, facial expression as well as nonverbal elements of speech like tone. It is key to get this right. With interviews now running remotely, we examine how you can ensure that you are hitting the mark with nonverbal communication online.

Dress to impress

Dress as you would for a face-to-face interview rather than wearing PJs below your waist. It tends to give you more confidence and feel professional, which is always a good start to an interview! .A white shirt or black colour is best for a video interview apparently, depending on your own colouring I suppose.  


Where possible, do not ‘attend’ your interview sitting on your bed or lounging on your couch (we’ve seen it all, believe me).  Leaning back and crossing your arms or legs can also come across poorly. Sit confidently and lean forward slightly, look engaged.

Eye Contact

Elevate your laptop/device by putting books underneath to get your camera at eye level, if it’s too low your nose could be interviewed instead of you. Ideally look to the camera.   Eye contact is key but very difficult to do on a video call, we’ve practiced here in our own office, it’s not easy and can look weird.  So try it out with a friend first.

Smile and be yourself

Interviews can be nerve wracking. Hiring managers want to see the real you, so make sure to smile and be yourself. 

Hand Gestures

Gestures convey enthusiasm and reinforce your point; however, fidgeting is distracting. If you’re prone to this, place your hands on your lap or the armrest of your chair.

This is the best bit...Practice with a Friend and Record it

Some platforms let you record your calls. Try this and review your recording, asking:

•            How is the lighting?

•            Are you fidgeting too much?

•            Are you not smiling enough? Too much?

•            How is your eyeline?

•            Is the video quality and audio quality good?

Virtual Background

A great Zoom feature is virtual backgrounds. If you’re in a messy location, consider using one of the professional backgrounds. But keep it classy!

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