National Women's enterprise day
The 2017 PeopleSource Tipping Point survey found that if people lost their jobs tomorrow, three times as many men would start their own business vs. only 5% of women in Irish busin...
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PeopleSource / The Irish Independent
The Irish Independent kindly gave our annual ‘Tipping Points’ survey a plug this month. With over 1,000 respondents the results will help organisations understand what ...
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Have you ever given a reference?
Recently Obama’s (remember him? He was POTUS less than a month ago!) press secretary Josh Earnest was giving his final briefing to the press corps after eight years of s...
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Fabulous female role model
I recently read an article by Jennifer O’Connell in the Irish Times mentioning the lack of older female role models. The article was funny and incisive and I g...
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One year old in November!
As with any new venture, the hardest part was taking the first step. 12 months later, I am delighted to say that we have come a long way since that first step. It certainly w...
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7 Tips to successfully navigate the telephone interview
So, you’ve seen your perfect job, sent off a polished application and have high hopes of being called for an interview? Bet you weren’t counting on it actually being ju...
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Manage 'Information overload' efficiently - Rachel's top 5
By Rachel Tubridy, Managing Director at PeopleSource We all know how crunched for time we are in our busy lives. I often feel overwhelmed with the amount of information I see...
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The interview part 3 - Mop up
QUESTIONS: Towards the end of the interview, you’ll have a chance to take the initiative and show your enthusiasm. You’ll always be given an opportunity to ask som...
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The interview part 2 - Heavy lifting
What I call the “Heavy Lifting” is the main part of the interview and it’s all about defining yourself in the context of what the company actually wants. 1. KNOW...
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The interview part 1 - Housekeeping
The way I see the interview process, it can be split up into three elements. I’ll sketch them out here and then do another blog on each so that you can take in the core ideas...
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Wise people follow stars. We recruit stars.
PeopleSource has some very exciting times ahead and is growing steadily.  We opened our doors six weeks ago and have already completed a number of deals with more in the pipel...
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Do you know who shot JR?
Or maybe you’re a Cowboys fan or maybe you just want to experience living in the 9th largest city in the US. If you are a qualified finance professional, ideally having train...
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