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January 2020 Newsletter
Newsletter – January 2020 Happy New(ish) Year, we hope you have settled back into your routine after the festive period. January 2020 is ending, and I think we can all agree...
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Annual ACA Dinner 2020
We are delighted to sponsor the Chartered Accountants Ireland Annual Dinner 2020 on Friday 31st February in the Dublin Convention Centre.  It’s always a great night...
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Findings in numbers - 'Tipping point survey 2019'
Earlier this year had over 1,500 responses to their ‘Tipping Points 2019’ survey.  Here are some of the findings in numbers.  Take a look at t...
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Should you counter offer staff who have decided to leave?
At first it appears to be a no brainer to counter offer a person who is considered to be a valuable asset, especially if this individual will be hard to replace or is working on a ...
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Why company mentoring matters
For a new employee, learning the ropes can be daunting. Whether the person is a graduate fresh out of school or an experienced professional, the notion of ‘meeting expectatio...
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2019 survey results
Hi all, I hope you are enjoying your summer so far. We are delighted to be able to provide you with the full results from our 2019 Tipping Points Survey.  We had over 1440 r...
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How to manage staff
The notion of making your business a pleasant place to work is a rather novel concept to those who grew up prior to the onset of this fourth industrial revolution. Nevertheless, du...
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What to do if counter offered
In this context, we are describing a counteroffer as an offer you receive from your current employer when you have indicated that you wish to leave the company, rather than a negot...
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How to be a better leader
It stands to reason that in order to be a better leader, you must first ‘know thyself’. In other words, you must start by understanding exactly what type of leader you ...
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Developing a coaching culture
Culture can be defined as the innate character of your organization. It is the unique blend of tradition, behaviours and attitudes that combine to create an operational aura that p...
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