Your health is your wealth

Dec 19, 2018

I attended a great workshop during the week ‘Tackle your Feelings’, hosted by @MetisIreland and delivered by Rugby Players Ireland in partnership with Zurich (I think I’ve managed to name check all the right people here!).

In 1.5 hours, the workshop covered a lot with some interesting anecdotes from performance psychologist Kelley Fay who works with sporting greats from Olympians to rugby players, all who use strategies to deal with stressful situations and need to get back into a positive head space before their next challenge.

Three of the most important things to help with your mental health are sleep, exercise & nutrition. Sleep being the number one apparently. Some of the takeaways from the workshop are easily actionable and can make a big difference.

1. Keep your mobile phone out of the bedroom – avoiding the urge to check it at random times of the night and being woken up when it ‘bings’.
2. Being present – again keep your mobile phone out of reach when meeting friends or at meetings in work. This allows true engagement and can enhance ones listening skills!
3. Take time out – it doesn’t have to be for long, five minutes a day would help. Try to clear your mind for a few minutes each day – this could help when you ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’.  Overthinking drains your energy, so a clear mind can help regain some energy and refocus
4. Out of office – when you are about to head off for a few days, make it clear on your out of office that you will not be contactable. One person put ‘I’m on the holiday of a lifetime with my family and have promised my kids that I will not be on my phone.  If you need assistance contact my colleagues who will be able to help.  I’ll catch up on my return.’

These are just a few suggestions, but naturally find strategies that work for you.  Everyone is different.

Feel free to visit their website and take the short assessment to help identify where you are on the ‘thriving/surviving’ scale.

Also watch a few of the videos on the same site – the one with Pat Lam is very honest –

On another note, if you are looking for a free physical check-up – book an appointment with – it’s a 1.5-hour check-up.  GenoFit Research Study is examining the role of genetics, lifestyle factors and fitness in health. It’s based in UCD, free and very informative!


– Rachel

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