Would you risk it for your dream job?

Sep 16, 2020

Different countries have taken varying approaches in dealing with Covid. Ireland remains one of the most restrictive countries in the EU, with many still working from home, pubs closed and strict travel restrictions. In contrast, Germany took a much more moderate approach, initially locking down and then easing restrictions much more quickly. Pubs have been open there since June 15th and their green list includes most EU countries. Germany’s Covid cases are currently at 21 per 100,000, compared to Ireland’s 33.8.* News also came in recently that we have overtaken Sweden in terms of Covid cases by population. It seems clear at this point that no approach can be perfect.

When it comes to returning to the office and schools, we face difficult decisions and it’s hard to categorically say what is right and wrong. Here, again, attitudes vary hugely between countries. We must learn how to balance risks effectively. With just 1.2% of Covid tests positive in the last seven days, the odds of catching Covid, if we follow proper hygiene guidance, appear low.

Some companies are now beginning to offer candidates the choice between conducting job interviews online or face-to-face (F2F). All things being equal in skill set and home environment between candidates, if one chooses online over F2F, what if anything, does it say about the candidate? Are some candidates more daring and others more risk-averse? Should this behaviour or choice be taken into consideration when hiring? Will their preferred method of interview impact their chances of securing the role? What would you do if you were offered F2F v online interview?

In a recent survey of 489 people that we conducted, 74% said they would favour an F2F interview, compared to just 26% favouring an online interview. This shows us that people are taking differing approaches to new technologies and trends. We all have different beliefs, fears and desires. What this will mean in the long-term when these views collide remains to be seen.

*As of 9th September 2020. Source: European Centre for Disease Control -

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