Leaving certificate results...What are the options?

Aug 12, 2019

Today in Ireland over 58,000 final year school students will receive their Leaving Certificate results.  Many of these will head to university in September to spend the next three or four years in further education, however this is not the only option, and in some cases, it is perhaps not the right option.

In a recent survey by we asked, ‘Is your academic degree content relevant to your current role?’  While 72% said Yes, a solid 19% said No and 9% we happily working in roles who never went to university.  Could this infer 28% of students receiving their results today might enjoy a full career without heading to college?

We also asked, ‘Is your academic degree content relevant to your current career?’ with the following results; 76% Yes, 16% No.

What are the options and alternatives?  37% answered if they had been offered an apprenticeship rather than third level education, they would have chosen this option, I suppose knowing what they know now! Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

So, for all parents advising their young adults this morning, it’s not all about college, there are plenty of alternatives and different routes to success.

The 2019 Tipping Point Survey consisted of 32 questions, there is a lot more information available on this and other employee related topics. 

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