Michael Cawley - Distinguished speaker 2018

Sep 05, 2018

Our 2018 annual distinguished speaker was the fantastic Michael Cawley.  When he resigned from Ryanair in 2014, having risen to Deputy CEO, his career in Gowan Group from which joined Ryanair in 1997 as CFO, must have seemed a distant memory.   Not content with what many would happily regard as two successful careers, he has gone on to develop a third career as one of Ireland’s leading non-executive directors.  He sits on the boards of Kingspan, Paddy Power Betfair, Hostelworld, Prepaypower and Linked Finance.  Perhaps the most telling testimonial is that he also sits on the boards of Gowan Group and Ryanair.  His career trajectory suggests versatility, innovation and a sense of adventure (all attributes that may have proved useful in at least the second of his careers!).

Our invited guests feedback:

Thank for the invite to the event.  It was excellent.  Michael certainly had lots to say and it was all very interesting.  He is larger than life and wears it well.  Thanks again.

Seamus Kilbane, International CFO Magento Commerce


Thanks so much for the invite to the event this morning.  I thought it was brilliant.  I know you were keen to keep him on time, but he was easy to listen to and very interesting. Thanks again.

Alan Kelly, Director Focus Capital


Just a quick note to thank you for inviting me to your speaker this morning. It was brilliant – Michael really gave some real insights.                                                                                                                                     Mike Shelley, CEO Plus Vital


A brief note to say thank you for this morning's event with Michael.  It is a great format and enjoyed Michael's very relevant insights, sharing of his experiences and anecdotes!

Eoin Likely, CFO O’Callaghan Hotel Group


Thanks for this morning, I really enjoyed listening to Michael. I might even buy more Ryanair shares too.                                                                                                                 David Ringrose, FD Hume Brophy


Thanks again for the invite. A lovely event and a very engaging speaker. I’d say he could have spoken for hours longer and we would have happily listened.

Colm Coughlan, CFO Entertainment Enterprises


Rachel ... another great speaker this morning. Really enjoyed Michael. Who next? Barrack Obama!!!

Eoin Grindley, CFO Mcor Technologies


Thank you again for the invite to attend the interview with Michael Cawley. Again, I genuinely enjoyed the interview, particularly with someone I knew little of and left feeling I could have listened to all day. Also, great job on the interview, which was not easy with someone who made up his own questions as he went along - entertaining!

                                                                                                                                    Sean Hogan, CFO Cogs & Marvel


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