February Newsletter 2022

Mar 02, 2022 - Newsletter - February 2022

What!? ... It's Spring already.....?

OK so we say this every year, but where has the time gone? By the time you, our lovely readers, are perusing this latest newsletter it may already be the first day of Spring. As ever, February has obliged as our worst month for weather with a succession of nasty storms. However, we draw comfort that the daffodils can withstand it and still bloom, and if they can then so can we.
All of a sudden it looks like Covid can be consigned to the past. Travel has reopened, masks can be cast aside and life can get back to whatever ‘normal’ is. TBH, Covid is soooo last year.  
How many Valentine cards did you get this year? Did the postman(person) have to get a truck to drop them off? Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, you can fill in the blanks here!

These things tend to come in threes…
That was a great saying when I was growing up, if something bad happened or someone died there would always be people looking out for further bad news as it tended to come “in threes”. Well right now the hard-pressed ordinary decent people are being hit by a perfect storm global logistics issues (including Brexit for us in Ireland), inflation and tensions over Russia which is sending the cost of living into a spiral. Expect further bad news for a while I think. Perhaps it’s time to hunker down and be grateful for all we do have. Our thoughts are with Ukraine and what they are going through. I really hope there is a strong response from Europe and the US.  

In lighter news, are you a wordler, a nurdler, or both? Two simple games that have taken the world by storm. The premise is so simple, I’m sure half the world is wondering why they didn’t think of it first. Our fave bit is there is only one game per day making it very enjoyable without being intrusive or addictive. Thumbs up from the team here.

Spring into action…
The Six nations is the big draw for most Irish sports enthusiasts in February and so far Ireland have had one very good win against the Welsh and a tough game against the French that could have gone either way. The French look favourites now but they don’t travel well and should they lose a game along the way, Ireland will again become favourites to win the Championship. No Allez Les Blues!
February also brought us the weird and the wonderful that is the Winter Olympics. It’s always good to catch up on the curling and the cross-country skiing. The ice skating is a sight to behold, though as ever, the Russians have grabbed the headlines for all the wrong reasons and again we find ourselves asking, should children be allowed to compete in the Olympics?
This sporting moment of the month goes to Leona Maguire. Congratulations on being the first every Irish woman to win the LPGA Tour. An amazing achievement. 
Note to self - I need to get the editor to gen up on GAA & Soccer!

This is a term created to describe those dreadfully long adverts that masquerade as TV shows telling us why we need a new mattress or a steam mop. However, it can also be used to describe some of the most gripping TV (or streaming) right now; namely shows based on real events, whether dramatized, documentaries or investigative.
Tinder Swindler was an eye-watering look at the very high end of low behaviour where a heartless guy conned $millions out of unsuspecting women. Two interesting things to note from this is how the conman is now packaging himself as a victim and securing endorsements and selling NFTs and the level of social media vitriol aimed at his victims as nothing more than gold-diggers who got what they deserved – quite a sad refection of the world we live in.
Another streaming discovery is Dopesick, a dramatized look at the very real issue of opioid addiction in the US (most of it prescribed, scary stuff that’s well worth a look).
Young Professionals Career week…
It’s not just the daffodils that are bursting forth at this time of year, but so too is this year’s crop of qualified accountants.  PeopleSource were delighted to partake in this month’s Young Professional’s Career Week supporting those looking at career options. We have seen an interesting trend in recent years where the ambitions of this cohort have been narrowing to a very small selection of roles and sectors. While the lure of the tech start-up or the household name in social media is an obvious draw we would encourage all not to forget traditional industries where valuable and rewarding careers can be forged.
As ever, we are offering a listening ear to any candidate thinking of a career move but unsure how to progress, please feel free to get in touch.


Top Tip
I’m hearing from a lot of candidates that they are being in undated with call from recruitment firms and often with unsuitable roles for a variety of reason – location, salary, sector. Most recruitment consultants who approach are doing so with only the information on your LinkedIn profile. The more you have on there the better. If you are open to opportunities, try to put in as much detail as possible! It might help avoid unwanted calls! 

Competition time…

Each month we ask our readers to answer a question for a chance to win €100 One4all voucher
Our question for January was; 
How many days a week would you like to commute to/work in the office?
A - 2 Days or Less
B - 3 Days or More
The results – A) 85% and B) 15%
And the winner of our voucher is – Liz O’Dwyer  – we’ll be in touch!
Remember, we are upping the ante this year. We will have a draw for one person to win €600 in One4All vouchers in our December newsletter. There is only one requirement - enter the quiz question EVERY month! Easy Peasy! Well done to those who are now in the running for the €600. We’ll do something else mid-year too, so watch this space. 

Our question for February is:

Would you rather work for;

A - Large Multinational


The winner will be chosen at random and will receive €100 One4All voucher. Enter here to be in with a chance to win.
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Finally here is our list of open vacancies, but remember, the market is changing hourly, so if you are considering a move and don't see what you want here, give us a call - 086 662 9674.

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