Do accountants fly south for the winter?

Jul 28, 2021

Do accountants fly south for the winter?

Although not on any endangered species list (yet, anyway!), the fact remains that when you want a really good finance professional, they can be very hard to find. Competition can be fierce for their talents and sometimes knowing their migratory habits can be essential in ensuring you know how to attract one when you need them.

All jokes aside, finance professionals are not an amorphous group, not a herd or a flock, but there are trends that can be observed which can prove very useful in securing the right candidate.

The benefit of working with the finance community for over 20 years, is that you build up a great store of knowledge and insights into what makes these fascinating creatures tick!

Accountants may not fly south for the winter, at least not in any organised way, but they do exhibit some common traits when it comes to managing their careers. Did you know there are a couple of times a year when accountants think seriously about moving jobs and finding a new Finance or Accounting Job? Very important to know if you are a talent acquisition specialist or decision maker; times like, end of training contract, end of summer, start of year, exams results and post bonus-payment, to name the obvious ones. Of course the pandemic over the past 18 months and working-from-home has given everyone a chance to think, and review their priorities; we've all been reading about the 'Great Resignation'.

Equally, if you are a candidate thinking about dipping your toe in the jobs market it’s worth knowing that there are some times where the watering hole can get very busy (is that enough nature references?) and conversely times when you could be one of a smaller number or candidates competing for top jobs.

Understanding my network, on both sides of the Financial jobs market, has given me some great insights into how the best employers attract (and fail to attract) great candidates and how candidates secure amazing career progression opportunities. 

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