April Newsletter 2022

May 05, 2022 - Newsletter - April 2022

Spring into Summer

It’s still a bit chilly but our thoughts here at PeopleSource are definitely turning to summer holidays, BBQs, festivals, outdoor things to do, and of course, not having to heat our homes for a while!!
More on summer pursuits later, but first, on with April review.  The war in Ukraine rumbles on with Russia suffering far heavier losses and facing serious resistance on all fronts, let’s hope that sense prevails in the region soon.  Ireland has risen to the challenge of helping refugees and there are now more settled here than in the whole of the UK!
This month we were delighted to participate in two Institute events 1. Career Week and 2, The Young Professionals webinar with Terence O’Rourke and Nuala Murphy, all about volunteering and diversity. If you missed it, it's well worth a list back!

How rich is too rich?

It’s mind-blowing to think that one man could buy Twitter for $44bn and still have over $200bn to play with. Let’s face it, these are numbers that are beyond the comprehension of the average punter. During the industrial revolution the world’s wealthiest used to buy up newspapers, today it’s platforms. What will the ‘Musk effect’ be on Twitter I wonder? That is of course, if he does buy it, latest word on the street is the deal might not go ahead. This is a good listen by The Daily (NYT) on Billionaires.

In other business news it is encouraging to note that Ireland’s economy continues to surge ahead, outperforming most of our European neighbours. Our continued success in securing Foreign Direct Investment is a source of confidence for the future and the sheer volume of work PeopleSource is getting through is testament to the buoyancy of the jobs market. Take a look at all the work the IDA has completed in April alone.

Here comes the summer ...

Following the returns of crowds to our sporting events and parades in March, April saw the return to a mass exodus of holiday makers departing to sunnier shores. Unfortunately the rapid rebound caught many by surprise. The long queues to get through security resulted in missed flights & disappointment for many. It must have been a nightmare for those involved! I saw people posting images of their hassle-free experiences from regional airports, awks! I heard the delays may go on until June, you’ve been warned! 

Summer is so close we can almost touch it. Following two years of various levels of lock-downs and travel restrictions, let the holiday plans commence! I’m so excited, I’m having trouble deciding where to go. I haven’t been on a plane since November 2019!
Notwithstanding holiday plans, don’t forget, Ireland was here for us in our time of need, so if you could continue to spend some of your Summer money here, it would be appreciated! This is a great site with lots of ideas!

That's entertainment?
Is it just me, or has this been a poor year so far for movies? If you weren’t a fan of Marvel there would be very slim pickings indeed. I looked at this list of the most anticipated movies for 2022 and I couldn’t find one that piqued my interest, it’s audio books and podcasts for me so, of which all recommendations are truly appreciated.

TV and streaming services have been providing us with our entertainment with finales of Killing Eve and Peaky Blinders particularly noteworthy, and a big shout out to the Derry Girls as they wrap up what proved to be a surprise global hit. Twitter is awash with KUWTK, is that still watched? (maybe it’s just my feed!). Another area where recommendations are welcomed, who/what is your favourite follow on twitter?

Did you know ...

A friend of mine recently helped out on a project regarding the restoration of the WWII ‘Eire 6’ sign in Howth  I hadn’t realised we had so many around the country. Take a look at their website, it provides a fascinating glimpse of Ireland’s neutrality during the war. Why not try to visit the one nearest your home.

A summer to remember for GAA?

his year’s league activities have thrown up some interesting results and as we face into the Championships it looks like it could be the most open for years with a half dozen realistic contenders for both the Sam Maguire and the Liam McCarthy.  Perhaps the hurling will be the more competitive of the two with Waterford, Tipp, Clare, Galway, the Cats, and even Dublin and Wexford relishing their chances of unseating Limerick. 
In soccer Liverpool trundle towards a possible quad while Man City remain slight favourites for the Premiership. The Champions League semis have already delivered on goals and excitement after the first leg and fingers are crossed that we don’t end up with a goalless draw and penalties for the final.
We have now seen the gulf that exists in the ladies Six Nations between France and England and the rest. Let’s hope that the response comes in terms of commitment and investment, the support is certainly there.
The Irish golfers put in a good show at the Masters this year. I believe it was nail biting to watch, clearly I’m not a golf gal (or any other type of sports fan, I get someone else to write this bit every month!).

Could your next career move be bigger than you think?

We have loads of exciting open positions here at PeopleSource for those of you who are thinking about making your next move. We have some great roles in Jamaica/Caribbean; it’s not for everyone but definitely worth thinking about in terms of variety, travel and earning possibilities as well as personal development opportunities.
If you are considering a move, whether at home or abroad and are unsure about any aspect of it, feel free to contact PeopleSource and we’ll be happy to guide you through the pros and cons. Check out our open opportunities... 


Competition time…

Each month we ask our readers to answer a question for a chance to win €100 One4all voucher.

Our question for March was:

Are you planning to work/move overseas at some point in the next year?

A - Yes

B - No

C - I did it before and had a blast!

The results – A) 10%  B) 60%  C) 30%

We were really surprised with the results but also glad to see so many are happy here!   
And the winner of our voucher is – Aidan O’Brien  – we’ll be in touch!

Remember, we are upping the ante this year. We will have a draw for one person to win €600 in One4All vouchers in our December newsletter. There is only one requirement - enter the quiz question EVERY month! Easy Peasy!

Our question for April is:

What social media platform do you use the most?

A - Facebook

B - Twitter

C - Instagram

D - Other -  Please State

Feel free to add comments in your answers. We didn’t include LinkedIn as we considered that to be a professional rather than social platform.

The winner will be chosen at random and will receive €100 One4All voucher. Enter here to be in with a chance to win.

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