What are people thinking in the workplace?

The first PeopleSource.ie Tipping Point Survey received almost 800 responses from Irish business professionals.  The 25-question survey asked some serious questions about their jobs and today’s work environment.  The answers are very revealing.

Top ten survey findings include…

1. Most workers would change jobs for a moderately higher salary
Reasons people would be convinced to change jobs were ranked as follows:

          i.    Salary

          ii.   Better career path

          iii.   Flexibility in working hours

          iv.   Benefits

          v.   Training


2. Less than 1 in 10 Irish business people are concerned about the security of their job 

Asked what keeps business people up at night, less than 8% said Job Security.  On average 20% specified one of Financial issues, Family concerns and Workload as their biggest worries. 


3. More men than women believe it is right to stay at the same job for a longer period of time
46% of women felt two years was enough time in a role v 34% of men.


4. Older males were more willing to work late every day of the week compared to their younger counterparts

25% of all men were willing to stay late five nights a week versus 14% of males aged between 20 – 29 years of age.


5. Regardless of age or gender, people surveyed indicated business meetings were too long
Almost half of all respondents indicated they would lose focus within 30mins. Results suggest the younger the audience, the more quickly focus is lost during a meeting.


6. Men would be more inclined to start their own business if they lost their jobs
If people lost their job tomorrow, only 5% of women stated they would start their own business v 15% of men.  This rose to 25% in men over 50.


7. Younger males (20 – 29yrs) were far less concerned about family issues

21% of females aged between 20 – 29yrs of age were worried about family issues v 6% of males of a similar age.


8. Business professionals in Ireland are most concerned that a toxic atmosphere in the workplace would cause them to quit

Reasons that would ‘push someone out the door’ of a company were ranked as follows:

          i.   Bad working atmosphere

          ii.   Bad management

          iii.   Feeling of being underpaid

          iv.   Excessive demands on your time

          v.   Unreasonable targets.


9. Failure to engage prospective employees is a huge turn-off for potential recruits
What turns you off in a recruitment process? Ranked as follows:

          i.   Lack of engagement

          ii.   Too long to make a decision

          iii.   Too many interviews

          iv.   Lack of information.


10. An initial rejection of positive discrimination in the earlier stages of career path
Less than 1 in 10 female respondents aged 20 – 29 were in favour of positive discrimination. Overall, only 14% of men and women said they agreed with the concept.


The survey

In June 2017, PeopleSource.ie issued a survey to over 10,000 business professionals in Ireland.  The goal was to discover the ‘Tipping Points’ that influenced people’s day to day attributes at work.


The 25 questions asked included aspects of time management, financial situations, quality perceptions & socio-political issues.


Almost 800 responses to the survey were received.

Mainly from professionals in the Finance, HR & Property sectors (67%).

The remaining (33%) included IT, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Analytics & Operations.


Gender split 59% male v 41% female

Age split 18% (20-29yrs), 37% (30-37yrs), 29% (40-49yrs), 16% (50+yrs)

 Tipping points

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