International Women’s Day

Caitriona Perry


I spent a lovely lunchtime with the IoD and FirstNames Group listening to the impressive and engaging Caitriona Perry talking about her time as RTE’s Washington Correspondent.

Her time in the US sounded like a whirlwind from start to finish – she covered the US Presidential campaign, the infamous tweets and the revolving door of White House officials.  She didn’t mention the time her smile made headline news!

On this, international women’s day, Caitriona was the perfect candidate to represent the day.  She has been a great ambassador for Irish women everywhere and by the sounds of things she’s certainly not done yet.

Thank you to all involved in event.  I’m not sure I will look forward to watching President Trumps second term, but I will be I interested to see who the Third Party Candidate will be in 2024.

Happy International Women’s day.

– Rachel.