About Us

At  PeopleSource, we are all about people.
We never fill a vacancy based on a CV alone.  Each candidate is met in person to understand their background and skill-set.  We talk through their individual achievements to date and future career objectives.  Our team will discuss and agree a plan of action which could be a passive or proactive approach.  This ensures candidates understand what we will do on their behalf to help them secure their next career step.

We also meet with every client and ensure we deliver a full overview of your organisation to our candidates.  Candidates are fully informed before you meet them ensuring that the first interview is beneficial and informative for both parties.

Our approach is rigorous, reliable, tireless and tailored just for you… that’s why it works.  Above all, we are straight-talkers and honest in everything we do and we expect our clients and candidates to be too.  Through an honest, open discussion, we get the right results for clients and candidates.

Achieving business results is about having the right people in the right roles.

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